Encoding CDs to multiple formats

I’ve recently wanted to rip some CDs to several different formats at once. Say a FLAC copy for the computer, and an mp3 for the portible. After some searching, Abcde (A Better CD Encoder) seems to be the best package on linux for this. It is based around a bash script that will do CDDB lookups, and then use cdparanoia to rip the files, and encode them in your chosen formats.
$abcde -o mp3,flac,ogg
Its as easy as that. You’ll have to change the settings in the config file. Its located at /etc/abcde.conf (obviously..). I uncommented and changed these:


To set mp3 encoding at alt-preset-extreme, and ogg encoding at Q6.

I have also edited a little bash script I found. It’s available here. When run, it will make .m3u files for all mp3s in the current directory and all subdirectories. Just put it in your path.

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